Taking inspiration from my friend Julian and encouragement from my friend Rob I decided to build a gaming PC with the kids.

Assembly took 4 hours and we made every mistake we possibly could. And then it wouldn’t boot up! Debugging took a further 6 hours.

I think we probably shouldn’t have attempted to do it all at once, the kids started flagging after the build and the debugging sucked the excitement out of the project for them.

Would we do it again? Yes! It has been great playing Need for Speed with the kids, something the wife and I played in our university digs over 20 years ago. Graphics have come a LONG way! It has also been great seeing my youngest gain in confidence around the computer, which has come at a great time for homeschooling in lockdown.

I showed the kids some PC builds with themes and RGB LED lights and have promised that we can decorate out PC too. So that is going to be a future project.

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