Where I go full Marie Kondo on my wardrobe and teach my daughter to do the same

My Amazon order history confirms that I bought Marie Kondo’s tidying book in April 2016. I like the idea of being tidy and organised and her method has worked for me several times.


Apart from what I am wearing and my coats (2) and shoes (2 black, 2 running, 1 hiking, 1 sandals) all the clothes I own can be seen in the picture above. Having just purged several items that no longer fit, or were just old and tired, I am left with:

  • Suit
  • Tuxedo
  • Blazer (2)
  • Ethnic dress (Kurta)
  • White shirt
  • Short sleeved shirts (2)
  • Black polo shirts (5)
  • Black and white t-shirts
  • Jumpers (4)
  • Trousers (3)
  • Shorts (2)
  • Basket of underwear/socks/pyjamas
  • Basket of outdoor/hiking clothes
  • Basket of running clothes
  • Basket of hats, scarfs and gloves
  • Belts (4)
  • Ties (2)
  • Travel bags (2) and packing cubes

I am not trying to get down to 50 items of clothes, or any other arbitrarily small number. But I am learning that I want to look clean and feel comfortable with minimum effort. I like the idea of standardising on items that I know fit well and work for me. This is why I have 5 black Uniqlo polos and buy the same underwear and socks. I also plan to buy more of the same M&S white shirt as and when the need arises.

It is funny how my thoughts always seem to flick between work and personal life, suggesting that there is not much distinction between the two for me. We are currently validating a new product concept with a handful of our customers. Initial questions often move from how something works to questions on deploying in standardised ways across teams. How I can see the parallel between always being able to order the same underwear and our new project at work is anyone’s guess.

Not being able to separate work and personal life is something I need to be mindful of. If there is truly no separation then how can I bring my family in? I don’t have the answer. For now I can take joy in teaching my daughter the Konmari folding method and seeing her wardrobe even more organised than mine!


This is my blog about building and learning. Unlike previous posts, where I made some lights and framed some art, I haven’t physically built anything today. However, this post has been a small step towards building order and understanding in my life.

One thought on “Clothes

  1. Does it work if I reply here?

    Good stuff. Again.

    I’m a fan of Marie Kondo too, but I’m a long way from implementing her techniques for anything other than my tShirts 😊

    I did organize a kitchen draw full of plastic grocery shop bags. That was satisfying.

    I hope you continue to inspire Lisa and everyone else!


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