Where I learn how to frame an old painting, about Hindu mythology and about playing infinite games

Spring cleaning our wardrobe we stumbled upon a large painting on fabric that my wife bought in India. It has sat folded for 18 years.

Hindu mythology would not be my Mastermind specialist subject. It took a while, and some help from my brother, to establish that our painting depicted Shiva stomping on ignorance. Shiva is the god of destruction and gets top billing alongside Brahma the creator and Vishnu the preserver. We decided to bring it back to life and hang it up. So I made a frame to stretch the fabric over.

I am pleased with how it looks, however my son was curious as to why anyone would want to hang up a god of destruction. I tried to explain that not all destruction is negative but wasn’t very convincing. This could be because I have only very recently learnt that destruction can be the way to move from one thing to another, coming back stronger each time.

My friend Chris introduced me to the idea of ruthless destruction in software projects. Every 2 years they would ask “what would we build if we were starting afresh today?” I have heard of this kind of brainstorming before, but Chris actually lived this and built a successful company and product in the process. A product that managed to stay relevant during constant advancements in technology.

Earlier this year my colleague Danny introduced me to the idea of playing infinite games. I like the idea of building a company that is set up to last. If we are to stay relevant we will have to accept that Shiva will occasionally come along to destroy what we have, but at the same time encourage us to come back stronger.

This is my blog about how I learn and build new things and today I have learnt two things. First, I need to be prepared and willing to move on from an old way of doing something. Second, I really like woodwork and must do more.

One thought on “Destruction

  1. This is a fine blog post – you kinda pulled a power move to get me to read it, but I’m glad I did 👍

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